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Emerald Coast Connected is the only locally-owned and operated mobile app dedicated to connecting our community with one another. We support our local community and promote our local economy! You won't find those big box stores and national brands here that take the money out of our community. We are the #1 go-to spot to find all things happening on the Emerald Coast. Are you looking for News & Alerts or Upcoming Events? we have the most comprehensive list of what's happening on the Emerald Coast. Want to connect with your neighbors to find the best local businesses and service providers near you? We help you connect. Unlike the big tech guys in Menlo Park, San Francisco, and Seatle, we will not misuse your data! Those guys have already proven they don't care about you, and they can do that because they are nameless and faceless and thousands of miles away! We are right here living in the community. Living in the community! You can find us! We are happy to talk to anyone about what we do and how we protect you. We are happy to have any conversation with you. Heck, we will even buy the coffee. (Just don't ask us to meet you at Starbucks...)

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Opening Hours

S M T W T F S All

Thursday 08:00 am to 05:00 pm

Meet the Owner

Profle Picture Bobby L Dewrell Owner

Bobby is a native of the Emerald Coast (one of the few) and the leader of the ShopLocal Revolution on the Emerald Coast.

Our Staff
Lisa T


Thomas Prestarri


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